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  1. A fan runs out from the salon in the middle of dyeing her hair to see TVXQ on a guerrilla date. 2PM's Jun.K to discharge from the military today. 23 minutes ago 1 2,
  2. Sep 15,  · Not hair today, gone tomorrow - Art And Entertainment - Namibian Sun. Not hair today, gone tomorrow; Not hair today, gone tomorrow. Not hair today, gone tomorrow. 0 0 0. Submit a response. 15 September | Art and Entertainment. NATURAL HAIR AND BEAUTY GALORE: Natural hair and beauty lovers enjoying themselves at IUM Dorado Park. PHOTO.
  3. Reversing deafness Gone today, hair tomorrow. Sea anemones may hold an answer to the problem of hearing loss. Print edition | Science and technology Aug 18th PEOPLE’S ability to hear.
  4. A kind bus driver has taken it upon herself to braid a young schoolgirl's hair every single day ever since she found out her mother had died suddenly, and she's been doing this for years. Isabella Pieri from Alpine, Utah, was left devastated when her mum died from a rare illness when she was only young.
  5. Hi I'm a girl, I cut my long hair short & now wear extensions cos im stupid. 44K likes. Lets all cut our hair short just so we can wear extensions! Or how about you just dont cut your hair short then Followers: 43K.
  6. These disco ladies are pretty darn great – a lot more deep-voice than some of their club contemporaries – at a level that makes the record way stronger than just another album of grooves! The girls work in trio format – but the record has an approach that puts the vocals first, rather than use them to augment the usual studio work in a funky style – so that there's a rich feel to the.

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